Apr 6, 2014

Ground Force Trainer Review

Simple to Use Golf Trainer 
Work on your back swing
Muscle memory will improve your yardage

The Ground Force Trainer was a welcome sight two weeks before my golf trip to North Carolina. With such a busy schedule the only golf practice I had been doing was hitting putts in my basement with my various SeeMore putters. I’m not one for all the various “improve your golf swing” paraphernalia but the Ground Force Trainer was a welcome sight after a long winter. It arrived in a simple box with a plethora of literature guaranteeing me a gain of 10 yds.

Well sign me up but I’d be happy with solid contact after an almost 4 month break from swinging the golf club. So I had two weeks to see what the Ground Force Trainer could do.

Ground Force Trainer kit ( MSRP $119 US) includes the patent-pending square rotational disk, power pole, DVD, lead leg support foam pad, instruction manual and mesh carry bag.

Dr. Jenni Martin, a chiropractor, LPGA professional and Titleist Performance Institute-certified instructor created the Ground Force Trainer. It features square-rotational disks on which the back foot sits. The key here is to keep the disks aligned while taking a backswing.

“When you stand on an unstable surface you have to dig in on the inside of the right foot to keep the board from not rotating,” said Martin. This makes total sense. In fact, just today I was working on keeping weight on my back foot as I got the rust out of my irons at my indoor range at ClubLink’s Greenhills Golf Club. Martin knows what she’s talking about.

The unstable surface of the Ground Force Trainer helps create the sensation of developing power from ground force with the trail side leg and gluteal muscles, according to Martin. “The Ground Force Training disks create this instability and causes a specific muscular reaction that mimics, exactly, the sensation and strength necessary to motor learn the proper load in the back swing.

“It’s really primarily for people losing their power,” added Martin. “What I have seen is if they do 10, 15 of them a day, holding it to a count of five, taking maybe two minutes, it will motor train them and it corrects a lot of swing faults. If they do it every day for 30 days I can guarantee 10 yards.”

So for two weeks leading up to my North Carolina golf trip I used the Ground Force Trainer primarily downstairs in front of a mirror in our work room. Simple to use the trainer helps you develop your coil in your back swing making sure you have a higher percentage of your weight on your back foot (60-80% on your right foot for right handed golfers). Muscle memory being the important key here just a few minutes a day the trainer will help with your distance.

Simple To Use
The Ground Force Trainer was real easy to use. Prompts on the wooden swivel board make it easy to use day after day.

  • Place trail foot in center of swivel board
  • Keep big toe facing forward (Do not allow foot to rotate during exercise)
  • Keep the front of boards parallel during drill
  • Keep 60-80% of weight on trail fool (Right for RH golfer)

Couple minutes a day – 30 days guaranteed to gain 10 yards
I had 3 solid rounds of golf in North Carolina with pretty good contact and pretty great early season results. The Ground Force Trainer obviously had something to do with this. I’m going to continue with the trainer and will add my results in early spring. We'll see if I can add 10 yards.

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