Jun 10, 2014

Socks With A Purpose - Mitscoots Socks Review Not Only For Golf

I love reviewing golf related products, it's one of the great perks of having a golf blog. I also love when the company that's providing the products is hip and happening. After testing out some Mitscoots Performance Socks I can honestly say both the socks and the company rock.

For it's founders working as volunteers, they realized that homeless people in the Austin Texas area really cherished having clean socks. So they gave out their "Made in the USA" socks. They wanted to do more and employ some of these homeless people. So they did that to. I love what Mitscoots has done they've taken a great idea and gone an extra mile. Watch the video below for more insight into this brand.

Get+Give+ Employ

I tested out a couple pair of Performance socks. On the golf course and with my various jobs both at the golf course, delivering the mail or working at the LCBO they performed great. My kids got to test out some kids socks as well. They were quite excited to say the least.

  • We all agreed we love the look of the sock, color scheme is great.
  • We dig the comfort, my kids wanted to order more right away. It's become my sons go to sock for various activities.
  • They keep our feet dry, moisture wicking is great!
  • The padded heal and toe is a nice comfort touch
  • Great sock for an active lifestyle

The Margaret
$30.99 for a 3-Pack

The Steve
 $30.99 for a 3-pack

The Riley (Kids)
 $22.99 for a 3 pack

We love the fact Mitcoots sells 100% comfortable American socks for an active lifestyle. For every pair you purchase, they give away another pair to someone in need. Plus they take pride in employing the less fortunate. All pluses in my opinion.

Follow them on Twitter and Instagram. Right now they have a great Father's Day Sale going on.

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