Mar 27, 2015

Best Masters Golf Pool 2015

With the Masters 10 days away I like to figure out which golf pools I'm going to be testing my luck with winning the much coveted cash prizes. With so many out there I always seem to come back to my friend Seamus Maher annual Masters Pool. He gets lots of golf fans, it's only $20 and it's easy to enter. He also has two other pools that start with the Masters.

The top 70 ranked players from the tournament field will be selected and divided into 4 performance groups based on World Tour Rankings. You select 1 payer from each performance group.

The Contest is stroke play, meaning the aggregate score for the contestant's four golfers will determine their position relative to the other contestants. If any of the golfers selected misses the cut, the contestant will be eliminated from the contest.
The lower the contestant's aggregate score, the higher the ranking. The top contestants, ranked from lowest to highest aggregate score, at the end of official play will be the Final Prize winners.

The entry fee for this contest is $20 and payable before start of play.

The Masters usually always falls near my birthday on April 13th and this year it just falls a bit short but that's okay as I'll be vacationing in Spain, France and Belgium for three weeks starting in a week. So I'll be watching from afar this year. Good Luck everyone!

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