May 22, 2015

10 Reasons To Use Clubs To Hire When Golfing In Europe

The family and I just came back from a great 24 day trip to Europe which included mainly Spain, France, and Belgium. Of course I managed to squeeze in a few rounds of golf, I'm a golf blogger no less. When I left Ottawa there was still snow on the ground and of course Spain was just a perfect place for golf this time of the year. I didn't take my own clubs but used a service called Clubs To Hire. Here's my list of reasons to use this type of service.

1) Had my own backpack, my wife's and all three kids had backpacks. Bringing my clubs would of added to the chaos.

2) Picked clubs up right at the Malaga airport, right on the way out. Clubs To Hire has multiple airports at which you pick up.

3) Pickup was straightforward and easy.

4) Cost is between $35 and $60 EUROS per week.

5) If your thinking of buying new clubs here's a way to test out some clubs your thinking of buying in the future and you get to test them out on a golf course not a golf simulator.

6) You can hire some sweet clubs like the R15 driver and Taylormade RSI irons. Top of the 2015 line clubs to be able to play for multiple rounds is pretty awesome.

7) The clubs are in mint condition and don't show any sign of abuse or excessive wear like most golf course rental shop clubs.

8) You can swap out a club from the set, let's say a putter if it doesn't fit your eye. Great customer service.

9) Return was again straightforward and easy at the Malaga airport.

10) Staff at Clubs To Hire were friendly, helpful and knowledgeable.

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