Jul 5, 2015

Great Snacks to Eat on the Golf Course

Great snacks to eat on the golf course

During our often busy lives sometimes when you’re hungry you’ll go for the easy choice, something fast and not overly nutritious. It usually leads to a quick fix and later a general lack of energy. On the golf course there are a lot of parallels.

During a round many golfers grab a hot dog and beer at the turn. Not the best choice for sustained energy and long term health. During a 4-5 hour round you need food and drink that will give you that energy to perform best.

Most golfers don’t think ahead about nutritious options. Lately I’ve been thinking more about golf and nutrition and compiled this list of what I think would be great options for your round of golf. LMK what you think? What are your healthy choices?

I love beef jerky while on the golf course so it seemed only natural to speak to Jeff King, a caddie on the PGA Tour but also a budding business man when it comes to beef jerky. He’s cornered the market on the PGA Tour when it comes to jerky. Kingmade Jerky can be found in the most of the hands of the nutritious conscience golf pros out on tour.

I love good jerky on the golf course but it's so hard to find a healthier choice, what makes Kingmade a healthier option?

We use 100% steak. It is not ground or formed and mixed with other parts of the animal, like almost all others use. Therefore we don't have to add a bunch of "junk" to it to get the proper flavour. In turn, this makes our product extremely low in sodium and sugar. We are at least 4 times lower in sodium than anything on the market.

I see all the exposure you get on tour why do the pros love your product so much?

I think the pros love it so much because of the quality. It is a premium, healthy, high quality jerky. Athletes put the best fuel they can find in their bodies to perform at their maximum. This is the best fuel they will find while competing, therefore, they support it

How does it taste?

There are 3 flavors. Classic - which is a smoky flavor note. Buffalo Style - is named such because it tastes like a buffalo chicken wing. Sweet Chili - is sweet in the beginning with a little kick at the end. Not only are the flavours tasty, because we use a high quality meat, the chew is extremely soft. Exactly like eating a steak.

Where can I get it?

We are carried in multiple places nationwide in the U.S. Pertaining to the golf world, we are in all the PGA Tour Superstores and all Golf Galaxies. For further locations, you can refer to our store locator on our website.

The future for KingMade?

The future looks extremely bright. We now have 4 national distributors. We continue to grow in grocery chains, golf, and because our product is so healthy, many of the health supplement stores are starting to take interest. The room for growth is extremely large and the demand is there so we are doing our best to get it close for everyone to be able to enjoy.

Everyone loves a good energy bar on the golf course but many are filled with sugar and way too many things you can’t pronounce. I had a chance to ask Caleb Simpson one of the two bearded brothers and owner about his healthy energy bars.

What makes your bars better than the average let’s say Nature Valley bar?

Our bars are Certified Organic, made from all natural ingredients. They are also raw, which means they have higher nutritional value than other bars that are baked. We dehydrate our bars at low temperatures to preserve the nutritional enzymes that cooking depletes. They are also vegan, gluten & soy free and all but the Blueberry Vanilla bar are Paleo compliment as well. We also thing they taste better than anything out there, but you will just have to try them and determine that for yourself.

How do they taste?

They taste amazing, and they taste exactly like the names of the bars indicate. Blueberry Vanilla, Coconut Mango, Raspberry Lemon, etc. We use real organic ingredients, so the bars taste just like you would think. They are also no chalky or dry like some bars are. The taste and texture of our bars are top notch.

I don’t want too much sugar but want the energy for a round of golf how does Bearded Brothers stack up?

Our bars have no added sugars, and are only sweetened by dates and figs. So they sugars in our bars are 100% natural, and being pared with nuts, and a good source of fiber greatly decreases the glycemic load. Even though the bars might be “high sugar” they are low glycemic. Our new BOLD bars however are only 5 grams of sugar. These new bars are a savoury alternative to the traditional sweet energy bar.

Where can I get these bars?

You can get them at almost any REI, at Whole Foods in the Southwest and Rocky Mountain region, and on our website. www.beardedbros.com

On the golf course it’s very easy to grab a bag of chips but I’ve recently found a great healthy alternative to getting the munchies for salty things on the golf course. Snapea Crisps are baked lightly salted snap peas. Snapea Crisps are surprisingly flavourful, a great alternative to chips on the golf course. They can be found at Costco. 100 calories a pack and gluten free.

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