Jul 14, 2015

Q&A with Devereux Creative Director Robert Brunner

Got a chance to talk to the Creative Director from Devereux, Robert Brunner and ask him a few questions about his company, design and the future for this innovative golf apparel company.

What sort of path did you travel to become Creative Director for Devereux?

I first studied Fashion Design in Los Angeles and worked a few clothing jobs until I knew exactly what I wanted to do and then my brother and I created Devereux.

Where do you get your inspiration for the apparel that’s created for Devereux?

I draw my inspiration from anything that deals with travel, art, cuisine, fashion, music etc. What ever captivates me at the moment helps to inspire ideas.

How do you stay inspired?

I stay inspired by traveling, reading and taking in the arts. It’s easy to stay inspired when you are doing what you want for a living.

With so much competition in the Golf Apparel Market in North America how will the Devereux line gets its piece of the pie?

Devereux will get its piece by being a quality brand that executes in business and production at its very best. It is a very crowded market like anything else out there but hard work and proper executions will help seize the day.

I’ve seen many golf apparel companies come and go, how is Devereux going to compete in the years to come?

Devereux will compete by properly executing the brand’s vision. Business is very competitive but having the right team and funding around you will help your brand rise.

How will Devereux differentiate itself from all the other apparel companies?

We already differentiate ourselves by having a different design aesthetic then all companies out there. You can tell a Devereux design apart from any other line because other golf companies do not influence us. We have our own unique vision.

Any thought to having some Devereux Brand Ambassadors on the PGA Tour or other Tours?

We definitely have plans for having brand ambassadors on tour. We currently have a couple of guys out there on the tour.

Any plans on adding Canada to list of Countries with distribution offices?

Yes, we are working to get our product in Canada at the moment.

I love social media is Devereux actively involved in it as well? How do see Devereux’s role in social media?

Yes, we have a big social presence and look to continue engaging customers on the platform through our imagery and blog topics.

Describe Devereux with three words?

Fresh, Classic, Proper

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Robert Brunner's golf design is always perfect