Jul 27, 2015

SeeMore Giant FGP - Initial Impressions - Review

As a golfer, my putter is the most reliable club in my bag, and my SeeMore M1 has always instilled confidence in my putting. Recently, I`ve had the opportunity to test Seemore`s new Giant FGP during a few evening nine-hole rounds. This putter, with its unique features, has left me with some interesting initial impressions and a comprehensive review.

My first impression when I took the headcover off was wow, this putter is large. After actually playing with the Giant FGP, I find it more minor.

When it comes to short putts, particularly within 5 feet, the Seemore's new Giant FGP putter is a game-changer. Its large, stable head and well-balanced weighting make it a perfect companion for these shots. However, I`m still in the process of fine-tuning my use of the putter for longer, 20+  foot putts.

The black finish frames the ball beautifully.

I loved putting it from the fringe of the green with the Giant FGP. The weight and size of the putter ensure that your stroke and putt stay online through the longer grass.

Great SeeMore Orange Groovy FGP headcover.

The ball rolls off the putter head beautifully when a proper stroke is applied with SeeMore`s Giant FGP. Stay tuned for my full review.

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James Saylor said...

Giant FGP is a perfect putter. I want to buy one now. Thanks guide