Aug 30, 2015

Kingmade Jerky Review: The Cadillac Of Jerkies

It's hard sometimes to find great snacks to eat on the golf course. To many times we just get caught up in the moment and stuff down a hot dog and beer at the turn. Healthier tasty options are better for us and produce a better golfing experience.

Kingmade Jerky sent me one of their three packs of jerky which includes one bag of each flavor:

CLASSIC RECIPE FLANK STEAK JERKY is crafted with tender cuts of beef flank steak, artfully seasoned in a sublime blend of steakhouse spices and brown sugar then meticulously slow-cooked to perfection

BUFFALO STYLE FLANK STEAK JERKY is crafted with tender cuts of beef flank steak, artfully seasoned with mouthwatering brown-sugary, vinegary, cayenne-peppery Buffalo style sauce, then meticulously slow cooked to perfection

SWEET CHILI PEPPER FLANK STEAK JERKY is crafted with tender cuts of beef flank steak, artfully seasoned with a nose-tickling blend of sweet brown sugar and spicy chili peppers, then meticulously slow cooked to perfection

Just look at the ingredients of Kingmade's Sweet Chili Pepper Flank Steak Jerky.

INGREDIENTS - SWEET CHILI PEPPER - Beef, Water, Brown Sugar (sugar, cane molasses), Soy Sauce (water, soybeans, salt, wheat flour, potassium sorbate), Natural Smoke Flavoring, Minced Garlic (garlic, water, citric acid), Garlic Powder, Onion Powder, Chili Powder, Black Pepper, Cayenne Pepper, Red Pepper.
Contains Wheat, Soy

Take a look at the jerky you might be eating these days bet there's a few things ingredients you can't even pronounce. That's the beauty of Kingmade's Jerky it just tastes like amazing flank steak jerky. Made just like when owner Jeff King’s startup business began in his kitchen and then blossomed out onto the PGA Tour. Jeff used a dehydrator purchased at a Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World Inc. store in Texas and created his custom-seasoned jerky out of beef flank steak strips. Plain and simple that's what your still getting when you buy Kingmade Jerky.

Kingmade's jerky tastes great, the beef flank steak is tender not chewy and tough like most of the jerky out there. I like the fact they have three flavors to suit everyone's taste as well.

Classic Recipe Flank Steak Jerky
- The Classic is for those that just like good down home jerky. Very mild spices, very low on salt and really hard not to eat the whole pack. I like to mix a piece of the Classic with the Buffalo just for fun.

Buffalo Style Flank Steak Jerky -
The Buffalo Style is for those that enjoy their jerky like their wings. The Buffalo style comes in that in your face style that lingers in your mouth for awhile.

Sweet Chili Pepper Flank Steak Jerky- The Sweet Chili I enjoyed the most. A hint of sweetness with a nice spicy finish. This style is for those that like their jerky with a bit more kick. This bag went pretty quick.

For anyone wanting to test out Kingmade's Jerky I suggest buying their three pack at $22.99. You can try all three flavors and then after purchase more of your favorite from their collection. Money well spent on a healthy tasty jerky for the golf course or whatever activity you spend time enjoying. Nice also to see that Kingmade has a distributor in Canada. Well done Kingmade!


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