Jan 19, 2016

Most Anticipated Drivers of 2016 - Bridgestone JGR

Bridgestone's new driver the JGR set for release this March has my attention. First off I really like the Classic look with Bridgestone's Color theme but the big thing is that Brandt Snedeker dump his vintage TaylorMade Superfast after 6 years for the new Bridgestone JGR. Look at Brandt's early results: a tie for 3rd at the Hyundai and finishing 2nd in a playoff this past Sunday at the Sony. He currently ranks 58th for the 2016 season.


Bridgestone sent me this new driver literally a week before the Hyundai," Snedeker told his hometown Nashville Times last week. "I got it, hit it one time and said 'I think I found a new driver.'"


The Bridgestone JGR


The company's scoop

The increased distance and forgiveness the JGR provides is achieved through 3 proprietary technologies:

1. F.A.S.T Crown

• The Flex Action Speed Technology (F.A.S.T.) crown is extremely thin near the clubface and progressively thickens towards the club head rear to enable the crown to slightly flex at impact creating higher launch and increased repulsion where players impact the face of the club most often, above center.

2. speeDARC

• A pair of internal arc-shaped ridges provides increased sole rigidity and better stability for the F.A.ST. Crown to flex against, leading to higher launches and extreme ball velocities.

3. Power Milled Face

• Bridgestone's patented face milling pattern works to reduce the golf ball slippage and increased spin problem that all competitor drivers today face. The newly improved design has been enhanced for the JGR Driver. Milling is spaced further apart at the top of the driver face to maintain spin, while the milling is tighter and rougher at the bottom of the driver face to decrease spin on mishits. In addition, a new vertical milling pattern is utilized on the heel and toe of the face to further stabilize the ball on mishits. The milling combines to reduce spin (300 RPMs based on robot testing) for straighter and longer drives.


The JGR will be available in 9.5, 10.5 and 12.5 degree lofts in right hand models only. The stock grip is Bridgestone yellow, but custom grips and shafts are available. The JGR will retail at $299 which is pretty sweet even for a non-adjustable driver.



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