Feb 7, 2016

Best Golf Resort 2015 - Cobble Beach Golf Resort Review

The Golf Resort that stood out for me last year was a Cobble Beach in beautiful Kemble, Ontario on the shores of Georgian Bay. Yes it's about a six hour drive from Ottawa but it's well worth the drive. The golf course will challenge all levels of golfers.


My favourite holes were #7, #10, and #17


The beautiful scenery of Georgian Bay frames many holes on the course and you'll definitely catch yourself staring in awe of the areas natural beauty.



Cobble Beach is not only about the prestigious golf course, it has the whole package including some amazing food at Cobble Beach's Sweetwater Restaurant and a spa to keep everyone in your group happy including any sore golfers, highly recommend.


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Ron said...

Cobble Beach golf resort looking great venue for all type of golfer. You have clicked such an nice view of this resort plus very delicious looking food which is more than enough for me to visit this golf resort :)