Sep 15, 2016

Buddies Golf Trip Checklist: Custom T-Shirts For The Boys

So once the flights are booked for your buddies trip and the golf courses are chosen. Here's something I think will go over well with your golf crew. A custom made golf t-shirt to commemorate the whole trip.


For me when I'm traveling around playing different courses for review I tend to look at the courses t-shirts instead of the regular polo shirts. First of all I've got way to many polos secondly I tend to wear t-shirts more through the whole year. Plus many of the golf courses I've been frequenting lately seem to have some great quality t-shirts and great designs.



I looked at many online custom t-shirt makers and was the best.


  • Easy to use interface
  • Wide array of shirts to choose from
  • Completely customizable
  • Easy setup for group payment
  • Fun to use


So above is my creation for the 2016 Dallas Invitational. I went with a Hanes Tagless T-shirt colour is charcoal heather. We'll be playing at least five courses when we're there:


  • Old American
  • Buffalo Creek
  • Heritage Ranch
  • Waterview
  • Coyote Ridge



So the order just got sent in and will be shipped to Plano, TX where we'll be staying. So I'll post in hand photos here and on social media to see the finished product. My group loved the idea here's hoping they love the finished product.







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