Sep 27, 2016

Golf Themed Pokies Games

Golf Themed Pokies Games

Casino and golf have always gone hand in hand. Some of the best golf courses of today, like the Shadow Creek in Vegas, are exclusively tied to casino resorts for a perfect combination of entertainment and leisure. But the most interesting and convenient combination of both worlds have to be golf-themed pokies.


Pokies are a more affordable and often more convenient way to enjoy both golf and casinos. They not only provide hours of fun, but they can also be enjoyed for much less than your tee time fees, straight from the comfort of your home.


With that in mind, here is a breakdown of the best golf-themed pokies from the gaming industry. Just keep in mind these are pokies that were specifically designed for golf fans. If you want other games, you can check out



Golden Tour

Golden Tour is a simple yet fun golf-themed pokie developed by one of the leading game developers of the industry – Playtech. The game is also one of a handful of games that offer two-sided winnings on your wild combinations. This, combined with its low house-edge, is what makes Golden Tour a great choice for anyone looking for a fair game but isn’t bothered by a simpler game design.


The key features of Golden Tour are:


• 5 reels;

• 5 paylines;

• Wager range of 0.1 – 5 coins;

• Max jackpot of 2,000x;

• RTP (return to player) of 97.7%.


Golf Tour

Unlike a number of golf-pokies, Golf Tour really sets itself apart with its visually stunning 3D graphics. This game draws its visual inspiration from the PGA tour, which makes it great for any fan of the championship. And if great graphics is not your only selling point, Golf Tour also has the following to offer:


• 5 reels;

• 5 paylines;

• Wager range of 0.03 – 3.6 credits;

• Maximum jackpot of 1,000x;

• A small bonus round where you can win 1x, 3x, and 10x your wager.



Gold Trophy 2

Gold Torphy 2 is the second installment of Play N’Go’s popular golf-pokie series and one of the best pokies in this niche. What makes this game great is that it just works. With its deliberately designed retro graphics and its immersive range of golf sounds and audio, the Gold Trophy 2 really does what it aims to do and does it well.


The only shortcoming of this game is that it doesn’t have a bonus round. However, this doesn’t have to be a con because this golf-themed pokie has other features to keep it fun:


• 5 reels;

• 20 paylines;

• An RTP of 97%;

• A Jackpot of 5,000x.


Lucky Shot

Ask any fan of pokies who’s the best game maker today and the first answer is probably going to be Microgaming. Well the Lucky Shot pokie certainly lives up to the name of its developers as it is a great pokie game that’s only complemented by its golf-theme. In short, where this pokie excels is the following:


• 20 paylines for more winnings;

• An addictive “Gopher” bonus level for the highest jackpot;

• Up to 18 free spins with a 2x multiplier;

• Catchy graphics and sounds;

• A stunning jackpot of 15,000x.


Argyle Open

And the final spot on this list is reserved for another Microgaming pokie – the Argyle Open. The Argyle Open was launched specifically during autumn of 2014 and tied to a tournament jackpot of $100,000. And ever since then, the game has continued to enjoy a reputation of being the best golf-themed pokie around.


The reason why many players prefer the Argyle Open is that it’s the most realistic golf-pokie of today, with everything from the symbols to its bonus round just being so close to what you see on the course. And apart from staying faithful to the game, the Argyle Open also comes with the following specs:


• 40 paylines;

• Three-stage bonus level with three different holes to play;

• Up to 20 free spins with a 5x multiplier;

• A jackpot of 1000x;

• Fully immersive gameplay.


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