Oct 12, 2016

Buddies Golf Trip Checklist #2 : Where's the Booze?

Right from the get go a buddies golf trip involves alcohol and no where is that more evident then one of the first emails sent from our host for this Dallas golf trip, the inaugural 2016 Dallas Invitational.




As we get closer to the inaugural Dallas Open tee off, I realize that there is a major dilemma looming on the horizon. Whilst most of you know what to bring with you, some may not know what they wish to bring home with them. This is always a major decision making procedure and I would hate for it to weigh so heavily on your mind that it effects your golf game. Therefore, I will attach a link to the liquor store at which we will buy your "souvenirs". At this store there is something like 8000 wines, 3500 liquors and 2500 beers available, so I thought I would send you the website so that you can start your evaluation process now and avoid the impulse buying urge.

If you chose something unique (expensive) we may have to get them to bring it into the local store, but you can check availability by entering our zip-code (75093), the local store is in Preston Village in Plano North.

Legally (if you care) you are allowed one bottle of liquor or wine, or 24 beer. You no longer have to claim your luggage in Toronto so you might be able to get way with a little something something... I leave the risk/reward decision up to you. There is no State sales tax in Texas, so I believe the price you see is the price you pay.

Happy shopping!!!!!!





Thank God for Total Wine, you can figure out what you want to drink when you're there on your buddies trip. Now I don't know if these are all over the States but there's two in the area where we're staying in Dallas. Great website and they send you emails about deals plus you can make a shopping list of things you might want to try or take home. This will help as far as time spent in the store, I could see myself spending copious amounts of time in store. Although I'm sure I'll browse just a wee bit. Definitely a must for a buddies golf trip. I'll let you know how it goes so be sure and follow me on my social media channels.





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