Oct 19, 2016

Save Muny: Texas' Muny, a civil rights landmark, on list of America's 11 Most Endangered Historic Places

First read about the plight of Lions Municipal Golf Course in Austin from an article by Brandon Tucker at GolfAdvisor.com. Brandon said in the article you could support Lions Municipal Golf Course in Austin, Texas by buying a tshirt online at SaveMuny.com. So I bought a tshirt to support the course in its attempt to stay a golf course and flourish.


The reason there is a Save Muny website is that the golf course on land leased from the University of Texas is facing the threat of closing for commercial redevelopment purposes.



This past Wednesday, the National Trust for Historic Preservation took an important step toward bringing attention to its possible demise. It included Muny, as the locals call it, on its 2016 list of America’s 11 Most Endangered Historic Places.




Didn't get a chance to play Lions Municipal Golf Course in Austin, Texas as we stayed in Plano and just played golf within about 30kms of there most days.


Didn't stop me from supporting their cause.




Ben Crenshaw, a World Golf Hall of Fame member and Austin native and resident, is on board with saving Muny.


“I really do think it helps the fiber of our community, in a societal way,” he said in this video. “I can’t stress that enough in the way I feel about it. It’s too good for too many people.

“And the bottom line for me is I just can’t see this place being developed. It’s too precious of an asset.”


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