Feb 27, 2017

Golf Putter Review: SeeMore Giant M1t - The Putter For All Conditions

The style of Seemore's new Giant M1t I liked from the get go as I've used a M1 before, the weighting and black finish of the New Giant M1t enhanced my putting experience.

A true test for me when it comes to a putter is when I review/play with it on many different golf courses and conditions.

During my review period I had the chance to put it to the test at Rideauview Golf Club just outside of Ottawa where I've worked for the last few years. The maintenance staff keep the bent grass greens in mint shape and they always look and play great. The SeeMore Giant M1t performed like I knew it would with very positive results. Now this could have a lot to do with knowing the contours and breaks of the greens so well but that's why my reviews always encompass many different golf courses.

I also had the chance to play up at Mont Tremblant, Quebec at a couple of their resort courses in the Fall. Le Géant and Le Diable. At Le Géant I had great Fall conditions on a very picturesque hilly course. Both courses had some tricky greens to play on especially the second day which rained for the whole round at Le Diable. The Seemore M1t exceeded expectations on the bent grass greens on a great weekend at Mont Tremblant.

Then in October I had the pleasure of playing golf in Dallas Texas on a guys golf trip. We had a blast and mostly had Bermuda grass greens to putt on which for Canadians who play up North is definitely out of our golfing element. From the perfect contoured greens at Old American to the subtle greens at Heritage Ranch, the SeeMore Giant M1t performed beautifully but even though some aspects of my game were off the SeeMore made some putts and instilled confidence while on the greens.


The compact size and black finish of the M1t get top marks in my review.

The copper weights make the head weight ideal for a smooth stroke.

Both long and short putts I felt the feel of the Giant M1t was ideal and with the combination of the Rosemark putter grip was a great combo. I tested it on many different golf courses in all types of weather conditions and types of grass and it performed beautifully. I also like the fact you can purchase heavier weights for the putter if you want a heavier head weight.

$295 USD

One of the many things I like about the SeeMore Putter Company is the many options(grip, extra weights, headcovers, length, lie etc.) you can get for your putter. Obviously most cost more cash but its well worth it when it come to the look and feel of your putter.

Rosemark Grip Review
One of the many customization options you can get on your SeeMore putter is the grip and I can't stress enough how great the Rosemark grips are, I got the Rosemark Grip - Original Black 1.52 - MID grip installed on my Giant M1t.

Rosemark putter grips are the grips that World #1 Lydia Ko uses. The feel is what makes this grip great and connects you perfectly to the putter.

Rosemark offers “tension free putting” for all golfers due to the unique patented shape which perfectly “maps” the golfer’s hand.

Putter Stats from SeeMore site.

Also from SeeMore's site, below:

Introducing the Giant milled m1t. This Giant m1t provides a more classic heel toe shape to appeal to a wider range of personal preferences in terms of confidence at set up. It is more forgiving, with a higher moment of inertia, and extreme heel/toe weighting, with milled copper sole weights.

All Putter Models Have SeeMore's Patented RifleScope Technology (RST) Alignment System, For A True Reference Point For Perfect Alignment And Set Up On Every Putt. This putter is face balanced at impact or “balanced to plane”, meaning it's dynamically balanced to the angle you putt and naturally returns to square at impact - less manipulation during the stroke to keep the putter face on the correct path.

Face Balanced At Impact

This putter incorporates the dynamic benefit of “Face Balanced at IMPACT” also called “square to plane” or “balanced to plane”. Putters in this category consist of blades and small mallets hosting a straight center shaft or near center shaft design. They help the golfer develop an improved putting stroke and have the ability to continually improve with guidance from a SPi instructor or SeeMore tech manual or video. SeeMore’s optimal designs are Face Balance at IMPACT putters.

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