Jun 11, 2017

Golf Belt Review – Beltology

I’ve done many a review on belts, one of my favorite accessories for golf apparel both on and off the golf course. I love the fact they serve a function but can also look stylish and make a statement as well.

Recently I’ve had the pleasure of testing out one of Beltology’s unique belts. Here’s the “stats” for the belt I got to review:

The “Basis” is a Blue & white herringbone rayon strap interwoven with flex. 1.25 inches wide and 0.2 inches thick. Cognac leather trim with a polished nickel buckle.

What I liked about the “Basis” Belt:

Lightweight woven material is great on the golf course where you don’t want a heavy belt weighing you down while swinging. Most of the time you don’t realize you have a belt on, great for an active Dad.

Love the stylish versatility. Looks great in shorts, golf pants and jeans.

With a woven belt no need to punch new holes if your waist expands a little.

With so much customization both on and off the course and in the golf industry in general. I love the fact Beltology has so many styles of belts with various buckle options. Perfect for the discerning golfer.

I’d would of order one size larger then my waist size of 34 not that it didn’t fit me but I like a bit longer of a belt. Just my preference.

The “Basis” and all other styles are available exclusively at beltology.com and at select boutiques across the USA. Prices range from $60 to $85 USD. For the style and quality very reasonable in my opinion.

If you’re looking for a unique gift for a Father who might just need a belt upgrade then look no further then a belt from Beltology. Golfer or not they’ll love it.

About Beltology
Launched in 2014 by Andrew Heffernan and Anna Lundberg, the brand seeks to take belts from being a forgotten accessory to a foundation of individual style. The company is headquartered in New York City’s Lower East Side.
Please visit Beltology at beltology.com | @beltology.

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