Jul 4, 2017

Golf Review: Carbon Fiber Golf Divot Tool

Last October I picked up new divot repair tool from Carbon Fiber Lifestyle to test out for my Texas Golf Trip. I've continued to use it this season both at work and while playing golf. Here's my review of Carbon Fiber Lifestyle's Divot Tool:

Great looking divot tool, the glossy finish of the carbon fiber gives it a unique look, people will definitely ask where you got it. At only 2mm thick it will easily fit into the pocket of your golf shorts/pants. 

Lightweight and easy to repair divots. you won't have any problems using this tool to repair divots. I did have to get use to the pointedness of the prongs as well as to just how light it really is, I always make sure I have something else in my pocket with the divot tool like a couple of tees etc.

Not only did I find this to be the best divot tool I've ever used (I've repaired hundreds of divots unfortunately this season) but it can also be used for a bottle opener. The cost of a CFL Divot Tool will run you $20 Euros (On sale right now $15).

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