Mar 18, 2019

Golf Map Review - Awesome Map Delivers

I have many requests from companies wanting to send me golf products to review. Most I turn down as I don't have a lot of time. Awesome Maps wanted to send me over an illustrated golf map and I jumped at the chance. First off I thought how unique, a map of the world that shows over 400 courses including:

  • Information about course style
  • Signature holes
  • Water hazards 
  • Major championship  
  • Ryder Cup history

I've always had a fascination with maps going back to my days of tree planting and living in the wilds of B.C. So I found the golf map from Awesome Maps to be just plain "Awesome" uniquely illustrated with just enough information to be not to cluttered. This hand painted gem of a map would be a great gift for any avid golfer. I ended up pinning the golf courses that I've played whether they were on the map or not. A great idea I got from my oldest daughter who pins any new places she travels to in her life.

This company doesn't just do golf maps they do pretty much any kind of map you can dream of which makes it great for people looking for maps for themselves or as a gift. Unique awesome maps will range in cost from about $39USD for the Golf Map too . You can also get the maps on canvas, as well as scratch of course for an extra cost. Check out all they have at Awesome Maps.

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