May 27, 2020

Covid 19 Musings - Family, mental health, golf

Some days it seems like a blur. The last few months a rollercoaster. When Covid 19 changed our lives and set our paths in a different direction. Who would have thought the term “social distancing” would enter into our lives so drastically.

My full time job as a mail carrier with Canada Post was deemed essential so I’ve been working during these changed times. My wife works from home now, my oldest just completed her first year university at Trent at home and my other two continue their schooling the best they can through online learning.

Quarantine mentality

There’s good days and some rough days. Some days it’s hard to keep it together

From a golf perspective:

  • I’ve managed to purchase online a rather limited edition expensive Putter Head cover from Bettinardi Putters and I don’t even own a Bettinardi Putter
  • I also purchased online a set of older Titleist AP1s that I had as a rental set in Costa Rica in January.
  • Borrowed a couple of pins/flags/cups from Rideau View for a nice chipping area in my backyard.
  • Golf Courses have open up for business across Ontario and Ive started working back at Rideau View Golf Course (my 7th season)

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