Apr 14, 2024

Hitting the Green with Wisdom: A Review of Life on the Green by Ann Liguori

Ann Liguori's new book, Life on the Green: Lessons and Wisdom from Legends of Golf, is a delightful read that transcends the world of golf. While golf fans will undoubtedly relish the anecdotes and insights from legendary players and Masters Champions like Jack Nicklaus, Gary Player, Tom Watson, Ben Crenshaw, and Bernard Langer, the book's true strength lies in its universal themes.

I chose Hall of Famers, old and wise enough to share lessons they learned from golf that they use in day-to-day life.

 Ann Liguori

Liguori, an award-winning sports journalist, skillfully weaves together interviews with these golfing greats, extracting life lessons learned on the course that resonate far beyond the fairway.

With chapter titles such as:

Embrace Fear and Nerves
Goal Set Your Way To Success
Put Family First
Have a Lifelong Passion For What You Do
Treat People Well
Have Faith and Treat People Well

You can see where this is going.

Readers are treated right from chapter one, where Padraig Harrington (one of my favourite golfers) gives us glimpses into the world of professional golf, all with a bit of Irish humour. Liguori ensures the book remains engaging for even casual sports fans by infusing it with golf and life wisdom.

Depending on who it is, I still get nervous before doing an interview. But I come in over-prepared and ready! 

Ann Liguori

My favourite chapter was Jan Stephenson's interview because of Ann's skillful storytelling interwoven with Jan's triumphs and struggles. I not only learned about Jan's life on and off the golf course but also took away valuable insight.

The book delves into the personal journeys of these 12 golfing greats, exploring how the game shaped their lives and the timeless principles they learned on the course. Themes of perseverance, goal setting, and sportsmanship resonate throughout, offering valuable takeaways for readers of all backgrounds. 
Something we can all use in this day and age.

"Life on the Green" isn't just about birdies and bogeys; it's about navigating life's challenges with focus, grace, and a touch of humour. Whether you're a golf enthusiast or simply seeking inspiration, this book offers a rewarding read. 

It would have been cool to have interviewed the legendary Babe Zaharias and Babe Ruth—two icons who must have been fascinating! They were way before my time but huge figures in sports history!

Ann Liguori

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