Jan 23, 2007

Why Charley Hoffman won?

By Ottawa Golf Blog   Posted at  1/23/2007 07:41:00 PM   No comments

Check out his stats from the week, you''ll see why he won the Bob Hope Chrysler Classic:

Charley Hoffman's stats (with rank in parentheses):

Fairways hit: 36 of 69 ..... (T71st)
Driving average: 277.7 ..... (62nd)
Greens hit: 63 of 90 ....... (T29th)
Putts: 133 (26.60 a rd) .... (1st)
Putting breakdown:
0-putt greens: 2
1-putt greens: 44
2-putt greens: 33
3-putt greens: 1
Play on par 3s: -1
Play on par 4s: -1
Play on par 5s: -15
Eagles: 1
Birdies: 27 ................ (2nd)
Scrambling: 18 of 27 (66.67%) (T22nd)

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