Sep 5, 2007

Mickelson's Win And The Fallout

If you were any sort of golf fan you were hopefully watching the great golf that was being played on Holiday Monday at the Deutsche Bank Championship. The second event in the new 4 event FedEx Cup was quite exciting, I'm not a huge fan of Tiger or Phil but it was great to see them play some great "match play" golf. Mickelson was great around the greens as usual and Tiger was holding his own although you could tell he didn't feel comfortable on the greens. But it wasn't just Phil and Tiger, Brett Wetterich was wicked tee to green he just couldn't buy a putt if his life depended on it. Arron Oberholser was just the opposite. Oberholser and Wetterich are now in the top 30 and poised for the Tour Championship.
Unfortunately after Phil won he made some comments:
"My frustration from this past year came from asking for a couple of things in the FedEx Cup (scheduling) that weren't done (by PGA Tour commissioner Tim Finchem) and not feeling all that bad now if I happen to miss," he told reporters.

Then he withdraws on Tuesday saying he's not trying to make a point with softer comments:

"This decision was not an easy one to make and in no way is meant as disrespectful to the Tour or 'sending a message' to anyone," said Mickelson, who spent the morning playing in a corporate outing at Medinah Country Club. "I've talked for weeks about needing to find a balance between my game, my business affairs and my family, and now is the time for me to take some time off."
I totally can see where Phil is coming from, the season is very long, family commitments sometimes take precedent over golf as they should but he should of kept his comments to himself and a later time take them up with the commissioner Tim Finchem. I don't have a problem with his withdrawal, his great win over Tiger and the rest of the field seems to have less of a luster now thought.

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