Sep 12, 2007

Oberholser, O'Hair Off To World Cup In November

It was nice to see two young Americans chosen for the World Cup Of Golf that will be held at Mission Hills Golf Club in China on Nov. 22-25. Since Oberholser was 29th in World rankings he got the call after 5 Americans before him didn't or couldn't go. These two should be a great one two punch.

I guess when Arron found out he immediately called Sean O'Hair and ask him to be his teammate. They've become friends over the last year, this will be the first World Cup for both of them.


"We really enjoy playing with one another," Oberholser said. "I root for the kid very hard when I'm not playing. He's got a lot of talent and his maturity level impresses me to an extent I can't explain. To be 25 with two children and be so calm, cool and collected ... I couldn't find my rear end with a microscope when I was 25. He was on my short list of guys to take with me to China."

Oberholser, meanwhile, had an MRI on his right hand Monday and found no breaks or tears. He said doctors assured him that with therapy, he'll be ready to play Oct. 18 at the Fry's Electronics Open in Scottsdale, Ariz.


Mike Pedersen said...

I'm a big fan of Sean O'Hair. With all he's been through, he seems like a mature, class act! I hope he really does well on tour!

Ottawa Golf Blog said...

The skies the limit for O'Hair for sure.