Oct 9, 2007

Colloidal Silver For Your Nagging Cold

My brother-in-law works in the health food products and supplements industry. Recently he was at a convention that had many different products, all there to promote a better healthy lifestyle. The one he wanted to bring to my attention too was colloidal silver. I had always heard of silver being used to fight infection especially skin burns but other than that I was clueless, I needed more enlightenment. He had some samples and basically colloidal silver is taken orally and it’s just simply silver particles suspended in purified water. He told me he thought of me because I’ve had this nagging cold for the past two weeks and colloidal silver is suppose to help in treating cold symptoms. It supposedly zaps those cold germs real good. My brother-in-law was saying a lot of alternative health professionals are really backing colloidal silver products as a natural antibiotic. I think it's worth doing a bit more research and look into colloidal silver a little further.

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