Nov 23, 2007

Hockey Stick Putter

Recently received a newsletter from that talked about a guy who's invented a putter that looks like a hockey stick. I guess he's an avid hockey player and an avid golfer. So he had an idea and now he's open for business with the Sniper. At first glance it definitely resembles more of a hockey stick then a putter so purist won't be impressed. The shaft of the putter is graphite and the blade is made of a cast aluminum alloy. It sells for $105, to me this seems more of a novelty than something your going to put in your bag. I guess if it puts the ball in the whole who cares thought.

Apparently it's fully licensed by the NHL, five teams have placed orders for custom putters (w/logo and in team colors) and several orders are pending from other teams. Organizations that have already placed orders include the Minnesota Wild, the Columbus Blue Jackets, Dallas Stars, St. Louis Blues and the Carolina Hurricanes.
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