Nov 24, 2007

Long Overdue Home Renovations

By Ottawa Golf Blog   Posted at  11/24/2007 05:06:00 AM   No comments

I'm not much of a handyman but I think I'm finally ready to tackle a big job. I've lived in the house I live now for the last 5 year and the house is 50 years old. It had alot of updating done including hardwood floor, kitchen cabinets, a new half bathroom etc. It now needs some updating in the bathroom and kitchen areas including a new bathroom sink and a kitchen faucet. Calcium deposits from the hard water from the well have reeked havoc on some of these parts. So I've found a few helpful links to help me with this job. If your thinking of doing a similar job good luck too. I will keep you updated.
Replacing a bathroom faucet
Faucet #2
Repair a faucet
Install a bathroom sink
Plumbing Repair
Bathroom Projects
Canadian Home Workshop Magazine
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