May 6, 2008

A Helpful Resource For Your Blog

When you have a website or blog your always looking at ways to improve your site. I spend alot of time sifting through alot of different websites out there that have there opinions on web development and web design and marketing. Some are good resources some not so good I've integrated many on this blog and some of my other websites. The other day I stumbled upon Stylish Design and they're one of the good ones . They really seem to have a good eye on the world of Web Designing. I especially like there insight when it comes to Google and it's PageRank system and there insight into transforming a dynamic page into a SEO friendly web page good for anyone that interested in this concept. There mix of web marketing, web development and design topics is great because all three are so important in a successful site. You can just focus on one area with out the other two. Right now I'm reading about how to create a successful AdWord campaign good stuff for a newbie or someone who just why need a refresher. Check it out.

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