May 5, 2008

MacGregor MT Series Complimentary Demo Club Opportunity

Tell me MacGregor Golf isn't one of the more progressive golf companies out there for initiating a great Demo Club Opportunity. It was recently posted on so take advantage of this deal if your looking at a new set of irons or just want to demo one of there new offerings. I've got my 7 iron coming in a few weeks and I'll be doing a review of it here so stay tuned.

Hello Everyone,

This is Reid Gorman from MacGregor Golf. As we ramp up the 2008 golf season I'd like to thank everyone for their positive comments and feedback about our new MT Series product line...see this link if you haven't already ( I've been told "unofficially" that this is one of the longest running and most active threads ever on For those of you involved with this ongoing has truly been a pleasure interacting with you over the past few months. For those of you that haven't seen it, here are a few thoughts about what today's MacGregor is all about.

MacGregor Golf is a 110 year old "brand new" company now under the ownership and direction of Greg Norman. In 2008 MacGregor has launched a very thorough new lineup of MT branded products. True to the roots of the MacGregor brand, all new MT products follow the "Modern Classic" design premise. What does this mean? Very can trust MacGregor to produce equipment that's as pleasing to the eye as it is to the end results. Regardless of your skill level, MacGregor now offers tour-inspired shapes that deploy relevant technology to help your game. In other words, you don't have to trade off aesthetics for performance.

Enough of the sales pitch about us! We prefer to let our product do the talking. That being said, for anyone in the market for new irons we'd be thrilled to send you a complimentary demo club (7-iron) for your personal evaluation. Just take a look at the new iron lineup here ( The MT Series of irons covers the spectrum of many skill levels...from the low handicap "forged" golfer (MT-Pro) to golfers that need the ultimate in forgiveness (MT-OS CupFace irons...which includes Senior and Ladies versions). All of these irons have been crafted with classic shapes and clean lines, regardless of the player target. Once you've identified your model of interest, send me an e-mail here ( with which MT Series model you'd like to evaluate. My Customer Service team will respond back to you within a day or two to ensure that we have all your pertinent details.

If you love the product as much as we're confident you will…just walk into your local golf shop with your demo club and show them what you want to order. Once you've completed your trial, just pass on the demo club to some friends, drop it off to your local PGA Professional or donate it to Junior Golf.

Again, thanks for all of the positive dialogue. For those of you that have recently purchased MT Series products, thank you! For everyone else that we'll hear from shortly on this offer, we look forward to working with you.

Take care,

Reid Gorman
MacGregor Golf North America, Inc.
1000 Pecan Grove Drive
Albany, GA 31701
800-841-4358 ext. 7050
800-455-1220 fax
229-854-3083 cell

FYI...MT Pro #7 iron demos are not available in Gunmetal finish for this offer (our standard Satin Chrome is available).

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