Feb 11, 2009

Exercise Will Lead To Better Golf

Lately I've been reading a few articles on how PGA Tour players are becoming more and more fixated on exercise routines using personal trainers/gurus to become more fit in the highly competitive world of the PGA Tour. It only makes sense right, exercise will lead to better golf.

Look at guys like VJ he's a exercise animal at his age and his fitness level, amazing. It will be interesting to see how he does after his surgery and his first tournament back. Gone are the days of staying out late the night before tournament eating and drinking whatever, like the old days some old veterans would say.

Players like Pat Perez have seen the rewards and benefits as he won a few weeks ago at the Bob Hope tournament. Perez a player that initiated a more healthier lifestyle realized the benefits. If a player packs on a few pounds while in the off season he's not just going to take some diet pills or some other quick fix. He's going to hit the gym because we all know exercise will lead to better golf.

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