Feb 10, 2009

Tattoo Golf's Short Knit "Skull" Beanie Review

Well winter continues here in the Ottawa area with some cold weather lately followed by some nasty freezing rains tomorrow. For those of us that get these long winters we only hope for any sign of spring. For the golf addicted that includes seeing patches of grass that start to break through our front and back lawns. Just enough to be able to start chipping the all. Will it come soon God knows but I've had the pleasure of trying out a new beanie the last few weeks and anyone who lives in Canada or for that matter any place cold knows the importance of a good reliable beanie or toque (that's what we like to call it up here in the Great White North eh!).

The good folks at Tattoo Golf sent me over their Short Knit Beanie to give it a test run. It's got Tattoo Golf's great "Skull" logo on it and it only comes in black but like Tattoo Golf says "what other color would you want". Has it knocked my trusty Titleist beanie to the curb well not yet but I must say it's been getting a lot of work lately and it has stood up to the harsh Canadian winter so far. It's one size fits all and fits pretty big so if you have a small head you need not apply. It's made out of 100% acrylic and has been quite comfortable so far. Tattoo golf has a great easy to use online store and the Short Knit Beanie can be yours for $17.99. Will add to this review come early spring as we still need are toques up here on the links in the Spring so til then good luck keep warm and for those golfing, you suck.

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