Mar 6, 2009

Triple Bogey 2009 Apparel Review

Triple Bogey 2009 Apparel Review
I was lucky enough to receive some golf shirts from Ottawa based Triple Bogey Apparel. If you’ve never heard of the company I didn’t either until last year when I read an article about Triple Bogey in the Ottawa Citizen. It peaked my interest but how is a 40-year-old father of 3 suppose to pull off wearing their golf shirts that are geared for young guys. Well dammit I’m still a young guy so here’s my review.

The Company
Three buddies (Brett Hooper, Kamar Haragadon, Simon Anisman) from local High School Glebe Collegiate decided that golf apparel was to stuffy and wanted something with a bit more of an edge. The alternative golf wear company, Triple Bogey Apparel was then formed. Their first golf shirt came out in 2006, which showed a skull beneath crossed golf clubs. All 54 sold out to friends and family and so it began.

2009 Line
This years golf shirt line is quite interesting to say the least. I was sent the following golf shirts from the 2009 Triple Bogey Apparel Line

Guerrilla Tactics

Front Nines


Triple Bogey's logo- shows a golfer breaking a club over its knee. Something any golfer can relate too whether they've done it to one of their clubs before or even thought about it. I like the fact they have the logo on the back but it's small and subtle. The graphics on the front of their golf shirts not so much. They're big bold and in your face trying to make a statement from the

Guerrilla Tactics- Gorilla dragging a golf bag w/ clubs blood smear behind the bag.
Front Nines- Front line infantry at the ready with their golf clubs.
Feelings- Golfer bent over in disgust with his putter probably after not making the putt.

So if your not into a golf shirts that makes a statement and that might raise a few eyeballs then Triple Bogey probably isn't for you. The images on the front of the golf shirts are kind of what I like about their golf shirts the fact that they are different. My kids don't really like the blood on the Guerrilla Tactics golf shirts but then I'm probably not going to like some of the stuff they wear when they get older either right. The images for me are tongue in cheek with a healthy respect for the game. You have to remember these guys are just having fun Here's whats written inside the tag of the shirt.

This garment contains special inks which can send & receive wireless communications without the wearers knowledge. Buyer beware, we are watching and tracking your movements.

Triple Bogey's golf shirts are made of 100% cotton they are quite comfortable to wear. I've been wearing my XL Triple Bogey golf shirts for the last few weeks and have no complaints. Just make sure you order the right size as they do fit a bit smaller. They even throw in a extra button on one of the inside tags of the shirt, a nice touch because it's you always need an extra button. The shirts are good quality you can tell just by how they wash. These golf shirts haven't even hit their online store yet but will probably run you about $45 CDN (price of Triple Bogey's 2008 golf shirts) You'll also be able to get these at Shoreline Surf Shop on Richmond Rd. and at Milk on Dalhousie St. in Ottawa as well as EQ in Gatineau, Quebec and Free Your Game in Toronto.

Stay tuned to Ottawa Golf Blog as we'll be giving away a free Triple Bogey 2009 golf shirts soon.


Anonymous said...

Interesting review. I have tried this line and just did not care for it for golf. Loved the look but found the shirts too thick to wear golfing. The extra button thing is on just about every shirt I have ever bought. I understand that it is an opinion, but I would find it hard to believe that you would like these as much as the moisture wicking material or some of the larger brands out there.

Anonymous said...

The only problem with moisture wicking material is you can't wear that stuff after you've left the course. You end up looking like Mr. Shiny walking down the street. Again, they are NOT the larger brands, that is what they are rallying against. Big companies making the same shirt over and over again creates a homogenous look on the course. This is truly an alternative to those companies. But the true beauty is, if don't like it... you don't have to buy.