Apr 13, 2009

Ottawa Golf Blog 2009 Masters Contest Results

Well it was a pretty successful Masters Contest with 24 people posting their 3 players in the comments section in under about 3 days of me posting the contest. So not bad we'll have to run another one of these for the next Major in June (U.S. Open) maybe with a little more time to post. While no one picked any of the top 4 players there were a lot of variations of players with Tiger Woods of course being picked by everyone except one individual.

So who actually won the contest well it seems to be a tie between Steve, bedell and Anonymous golfer. So when I get home from work tonight one of my kids will draw the name and I'll post it here for all to see. For now here's how the standings looked after the finish of the 2009 Masters.

Steve, bedell, Anonymous - 674,063
CaddieChaplain, Spackler, Blogomama- 614,213
Mick_we- 575,813
Andy O - 542,813
jKing, checkout - 445,463
golfintes - 430,313
Andy G - 420,638
Slew - 419,213
Jean Guy, Milspank - 412,688
James Ross - 385,613
Mike Rausch - 374,063
Lisa - 360,788
Sean@DeepRough - 347,213
David - 314,213
Mr Coleyo, Fank - 281,438
Rob James - 71,400

bedell was chosen out of the 3 people who tied at 674,063 please contact me so I can send out your Puma Golf Pack Away Golf bag and sleeve of ProV1s.

Thomas Bedell from Vermont was the winner, check out his writings in the blogosphere at 3GuysGolf.com


Tom Bedell said...


Guess I’m the lucky guy. My first Twitter win! Info coming in an e-mail. Thanks!
Tom Bedell

Tom Bedell said...


Arrived safe and sound, thanks. I think I’ll keep the balls and add the Puma Pack Away bag to a charity golf tournament I’m doing next Friday. Pretty neat item!