Apr 16, 2009

To Design A Course Or Just Play Them?

This past weekend watching the Masters I thought just how beautiful Augusta National Golf Course came across on T.V. and I don`t even have a HD TV or fancy type system. I was also thinking about the designer of Augusta National Alister MacKenzie and how cool it would be to design a golf course. To have the power to lay out every bunker, fairway and green. Can you imagine being able to place where the bunkers are to be placed. How the greens will slop. You could make the fairway as wide or as narrow as you want for me the fairways would have to be real wide as the driver has been erratic lately. You could take all the courses you've played in your life and put what you like about those holes you've played into your own design.

Now I'm sure there would be no apricot trees or crab apples trees in my design only good healthy oaks but how do these designers know what we the golfers will and won`t like on a golf course. Most designers aren't all the Nicklaus type designer either but how do they come up with these designs obviously for some it`s because they`re a golfing legend (Nicklaus) but for others it must be they just have the eye for detail. I know I'll probably never get to design a golf I guess I'll leave that up to the gentlemen named Carrick, McBroom, and Cooke. Who would want to play a 19 handicap hacker's golf course anyways.

I think this year I'll try to play some of the best these Canadian designers have made and others too. Sometimes golfing goals can be a little different why not a more attainable one.

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