Apr 16, 2009

Puma Golf Pack Away Golf Bag Review

Well Puma Canada was good enough to send over their Pack Away Golf Bag a few weeks ago. So here's a little review of one of many new products from Puma Golf this season. I've never had a bag that just carries 4 clubs like the Puma Golf Pack Away Bag so I was eager to test it out. The range it seems lately is where most of my golfing has been which is fine if your shaking off the early Spring rust and trying to groove the swing for the golf season ahead right? So my review is based on a bunch of early season range sessions.

The bag itself came all packed away so once I unzipped it the two ends expanded to expose the full length of the bag and the nice black and grey Puma logo. It's made out of a polyester blend fabric so it's very light to carry from your car to the range. The top is a soft molded rubber that keeps your clubs quite secure.The clubs fit very well into the bag, it easily fits any club whether it's a wedge, 8 iron, driver or 5 wood. You do have to remember there is no padding in this type of bag so be careful where you put it down because if someone steps on it there goes your nice new clubs. When I had it on the range I just placed it on a seat bench while I hit each club or I placed it on a bag stand whichever one was available. If you have head covers for your clubs definitely used them when your using this type of bag as it's just added protection. The shoulder strap for this bag is adjustable and is lightly padded to keep the weight of the bag down as well.

Although I never used it on a course I could definitely see this sort of bag working beautifully on a shorter course or a par 3 course where you might only want to test out a few clubs or just work on your short game. I could also see it being used if your going golfing with your son or daughter and you;'re just introducing them to the game. Put a putter, a couple of irons in this Pack Away Golf Bag and off to the course no worries about being intimidated by too many clubs. You only have 4 so work on getting good with those 4.

The Pack Away Golf Bag has one larger size pocket on the front of the bag which can hold just about anything whether it`s a water bottle, scorecard or extra tees. Right beside the larger pocket Puma has put a small mesh holder that can fit a sleeve or more of balls real nice. Tighten the drawstring and they're secure but with the having the drawstring they are still easy to access especially over a zipper.

Even with a few tees,a scorecard along with a sleeve of balls this bag is ultra light weight just what you want in a Sunday bag. I like the fact this bag can be packed away when not in use and stuffed into your larger golf bag or put away in your golf locker. It's ease of use and simplicity is great for any one who might be looking for a good quality light weight bag plus it's got the Puma style as well so you'll stand out from the regular crowd at the range or your local short course.

This bag will be given away to one lucky winner in Ottawa Golf Blog's first Masters Contest. So hopefully we can get some feedback from the winner as well in a little while.


Vivien said...

Hi where can I purchase the pack away golf bag?

Ottawa Golf Blog said...

At this point it's tough to purchase in Canada. You can special order it through your club if your a member somewhere.

Anonymous said...

Golf Town in Kanata has them for around $35.00