May 21, 2009

Puma Golf Invisbonding Polo Review

Puma Golf Invisbonding Polo Review

When it comes to choosing a polo shirt to wear for my weekly golf game I tend to pick one of my old favorites usually in a darker color. When Puma Golf sent me a couple of golf shirts, one white and one flame orange. These colors alone definitely took me out of my comfort zone but I'd never worn a Puma golf shirt before so I was eager to try them out for a review.

The one golf shirt was a white Golf Invisibonding Polo which at first glance looks like most lightweight golf shirts but Puma has done there homework and has made a golf shirt that takes into consideration the movements of a golfer. They've development a seamless fabric technology called "invisibonding" which has also been used in their soccer line.

Puma figured out how to join two pieces of material together using a "a light molecular bond". This invisibonding basically makes they're golf shirts seamless so when your out there beating around the ball there's no friction thus giving you increased movement in your swing.

The 100% polyester fabric is very light pretty much see through in the white fabric. With Puma's USP Technology, moisture is wicked away from your skin keeping you cool and dry in any weather conditions. The golf shirt also protects you from the suns UV rays.

Another cool thing about this golf shirt is the fact the fabric is Cyclofresh which basically locks unpleasant, sweaty smells in the textile and is laundered out the next time you wash it.

On The Course
Golfing with this shirt it almost seems like you have no golf shirt on it's so lightweight and breathable. I was almost afraid to wash it but it has held up great after 3 or 4 washes.

The seamless technology really seems to work as far as accenting the comfort during a golf game. The shirt never stuck to me and any moisture seemed to be wicked away from my skin. The collar never bothered me at all probably due to the solid rib knit collar and the fully taped neck seam.

The screened Puma and 18 Hole logo on the back of the golf shirt are a nice subtle touch as well as the Puma Cat embroidered on the front.

This polo has now become my go to golf shirt when it gets hot and humid up here in Ottawa. It so good at keeping you cool this is the one I grab when I'm playing a round in the heat. I've also realized as a golfer you can wear white and look good at least that's what my kids tell me. Puma has put a lot of great technology into this golf shirt and it shows.
The Puma Golf Invisibonding Polo comes in sizes ranging from XS to XXL. There are three colors available: black, flame orange and white. These type of golf shirts are also available in a women' s version.

You can pick up one of these at Golf Town for about $79.99. Father's Day is coming up and I'll bet your Dad doesn't have a cool golf shirt like this.

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