May 20, 2009

SeeMore FGP Stainless Steel Blade Putter Review - Conclusion

SeeMore FGP Stainless Putter Review
With Zach Johnson winning this past weekend, I figured it was time to finish my review of the SeeMore FGP Stainless Steel putter. After some early-season rounds, you can see my first impressions of the putter here.

You must love the SeeMore Putter Company for being the little guy in a sea of sizeable corporate golf companies. Pro golfers play SeeMore putters because they like them, not because they're getting paid to enjoy them.

You really can't mess with the facts about Zach Johnson winning with SeeMore's new FGP Stainless blade this past weekend:

Zach shoots an incredible 3d round 60 and then win a sudden death playoff on Sunday with a dramatic, 10-foot birdie putt on the first playoff hole.

The 60 on Saturday means Zach now holds the last 2 scores of 60 or below shot on the PGA Tour, a stretch accounting for over 25,000 rounds of golf on tour. And he is the first person in the history of the PGA Tour to ever record 2 scores of 60 or better over an entire career, recorded with 2 different SeeMore putters.

So, will the SeeMore FGP Stainless Blade putter help a 20-handicap golfer? Read on.

Specs on the Putter reviewed:
Loft- 3.5 degrees
Lie- 70 degrees

Length- 35"

Finish: Black Satin
Center Shaft
Look and Feel
The look of the FGP blade putter in a black satin finish is beautiful. I loved how it framed the ball. When you align the putter using the RifleScope Technology, you feel like you will make more putts; the look
 instills confidence. I've always loved the look of a dark finish on putters, and I think SeeMore is a real winner with this finish. It has so far held up well after some early season rounds and less-than-predictable Canadian weather.

The head cover for the FGP is unique; I've never seen anything like it. SeeMore's great idea of locking onto the shaft means you never have to worry about losing it.

The milled head of the putter is soft when you strike it in the center of the blade, probably due to the Cast 303 Stainless Steel that has had 4 milling processes applied to it.
A well-struck ball gives immediate feedback that you've hit a good putt. I just had a real problem with distance control, mainly with longer putts (see below)

The first time I used this putter, I had 5 one putts in a row. These were all on putts about 20 feet and shorter. This, unfortunately, didn't continue. I found the FGP to be pretty good on shorter putts in the 10-15 ft. range, and where FGP excelled were those tricky short putts of 6 ft. and under. I loved this putter when I was close to the hole.

Unfortunately, I wasn't always close to the hole (I'm a 20-handicap golfer, right?) and found that on longer putts, 30+ ft, I didn't get the nice feedback I was accustomed to with shorter putts. I probably just chalk this up to being a 41-year-old hacker and not having enough practice with distance control. On pretty much all longer putts, I was either too short or too long. So, as far as being more accurate with the FGP putter, I definitely wasn't only with the short putts.

I liked the RifleScope Technology, as it made for a proper set-up each time you put it. That's why the shorter putts were money most of the time. The longer putts, as I said earlier, are still a work in progress. Most of my misses go to the right, and something with some practice might improve.

I really liked a lot of things about the FGP putter, including the success I had with short putts and its overall look. The price of the FGP putter is also very reasonable, considering putters of the same quality sell for double or more. You can pick up an FGP putter at Golf Town right now for $159.99.

Will the FGP putter knock my current mallet putter out of the bag? Probably not. As a high handicap golfer, and because of the troubles I had with longer putts with the FGP, I need something that will be more forgiving all around (SeeMore does make a mallet putter, though).

I could always carry 2 putters like Phil Mickelson did a while ago carrying two drivers. Never say never, right!


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