Oct 7, 2009

DivPro Golf Divot Tool Review

Well who would of thought you could fit so many functional tools in a divot repair tool. Well the folks at NoJoke.com sent me over one of their DivPro and apparently they've figured out how to have 6 different uses for their DivPro divot tool. Obviously I was intrigued when I got it and here are my impressions.

Divot Tool

For those that don't fix ball marks please buy a DivPro now. One of my pet peeves is golfers who don't fix their ball marks it takes seconds especially with a good divot tool like the DivPro.
With its long prongs it goes into the ground easily and can turn even the largest divot mark invisible. It fit great in my hand and pivots nice to make those divots go away quick. I mainly used it on softer greens this Fall and late Summer.

Golf Grip Saver
Over the last few weeks the DivPro has been a god sent as far as keeping my grips dry. With so much dew and of course the Fall rains it's been a great tool. Pluck it down in the ground and rest your putter grip or wedge grip. Keeps it off the ground and dry for your next shot just plain awesome.

Cigar Holder

Although I rarely smoke a cigar these days of course I had to see if the DivPro actually worked for holding cigars. You'll be happy to know it holds Backwoods cigars (cheapies) quite well. For cigar connoisseurs I'm sure it will hold the larger variety easily as well. Just make sure your cigar is up wind from the breeze of your golf swing.

Groove Cleaner

I usually just use a tee but the groove cleaner on the DivPro was probably my favorite tool as it worked better then a tee especially when cleaning the grooves during wetter golf conditions.

Ball Marker

The DivPro comes with a magnetic ball marker with DivPro’s logo on it (The marker can be custom designed to include your company’s logo).To release the marker just push up on it and it releases. A great marker to mark your ball on the green.

Shotgun Opener

I love an excuse to get more beer especially when I don't have any cans which is what you need for a shotgun to work. I have to admit I haven't done a shotgun in years so it was definitely intriguing to try one again and out on the golf course no less. It worked fine and seconds as a bottle opener as well if you need that on the course too. Just remember the DivPro works great for this but if you've had to many make sure you let someone else drive.


Priced at $14.99(Plus S & H) the DivPro divot tool is a great looking tool for the golfer who has everything. Yes it is a bit larger than your average divot tool but it does so much more. I recommend putting in your pocket with nothing else as it is larger than your average divot tool. It makes it easier when grabbing your ball marker as well. I like the fact you can get the marker custom made a great gift for your hard to buy for Father, husband, boyfriend/girlfriend.


Jeff Johnson said...

This thing is great! It has all the little extras you want in a golf divot repair tool.

Anonymous said...

What a cool item, very functional!!!

Anonymous said...

This tool is awesome! Everyone in my usual foursome was jealous.

Anonymous said...

The DivPro is amazing! If you do not have one you are missing out!!