Oct 8, 2009

Puma Golf Teases Canadian Golfers With Its Fall Line

Here in the Ottawa area most golfers are thinking about how many layers to wear out on the course or which rain jacket to wear. With the Fall weather in full swing here most golfers are just thinking about how to keep their heat in with various toques, beanies and gloves.

Leave it to Puma Golf to release their Fall line of clothes for men and women that at first look is pretty amazing. What a tease for use golfers north of the border who are only hoping for another month of golf. The folks over at The Hackers Paradise have a PUMA Fall Fashion Preview be sure to check it out you won't be disappointed. The new PUMA Club golf shoes takes a more non traditional look and styling and it works for sure. The colors again bang on. Check out the pics at Hackers Paradise.

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