Oct 17, 2009

Golf Blogger Looking For Putter Sponsor

I recently sold my putter just because I felt like I needed a change going into the off season here in Canada. What's unfortunate is I haven't picked up a new putter yet. So it looks like I'll be putting with my 21 degree hybrid for the remainder of the season unless someone out there, hint hint nudge has a putter they'd like reviewed. Earlier in the year I reviewed a SeeMore putter which was fun but I'm more of a mallet guy. The putter I just sold was in my bag for almost 2 seasons (Scotty Cameron Red X3) so something along those lines would be more than welcome. So what do you have for a Golf Blogger without a putter to review. I'll beg if I have too. :)

1 comment:

mäxxä said...

So did you have any putters to write a review?
Just bought Wilson 8876 (2009 model). Haven´t tried it yet on cource or range but it feels nice.