Oct 29, 2009

Sumi-G Awarded Patent For Their Distinct Headcovers

Congrats to Sumi-G on being awarded a patent for their innovative and original head cover design. Apparently there are more patents pending as well. The press release came across the wire yesterday and can be viewed at the following links.

Sumi-G Awarded Patent for Innovative Golf Head Cover

Stylish and Functional Design Set to Be New Classic

Innovative and unique new golf head cover design from Sumi-G earns patent

When I received their head covers for review back in August I knew Sumi-G had created something special and their head covers are something I still use to this day. They have just become part of my golfing life I don`t use any of my original head covers Sumi-G are just that good.

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Dan said...

I just got a couple of these headcovers along with the new Lucas Glover Putting Arc for my birthday. Guess I have a girlfriend who knows how to shop for a golfer–she gave the gift of better putting and golfing in style. They look great.