Nov 14, 2009

Did Rory McIlroy Make The Right Decision?

This week Rory McIlroy made the decision to join the PGA Tour next year. In his words this is his reasoning:

"I just feel that I will become a better golfer if I also play in America. I will be playing in world-class fields with more world ranking points on offer, and the only way for me to get better is to play alongside better players."

He's still going to play the European Tour. Apparently Rory has a no worry attitude. It will be interesting to see how many tournaments he plays in Europe next year. I'm sure his tournaments will be down but that remains to be seen.

"My decision is not that much of a big deal and besides, I am only adding a couple of more events, and besides the European Tour is still my home tour.I can't thank the European Tour enough but I am just in a privileged position where I play wherever I want, and besides I earned enough money in US Tour events to get my card so I have taken out membership. I want to become a better player and the best way to develop my game is to be playing more in the States, and playing a worldwide schedule."

I've probably watched every event he's played on the European Tour this past year so I've seen a lot of his game it will definitely hold up to the better fields in the States. People who haven't will love to see him in action. If Rory is truly committed to getting better the obvious choice is the PGA Tour with more World Ranking Points and higher purses. As a fan seeing more of him is good, it will be interesting to see how he does and will the travel takes its toll on the young McIlroy or will he flourish on the big tour. Stay tuned.

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