Nov 11, 2009

Scratch Golf Clubs Peak My Interest

It was interesting seeing the latest issue of Golf Digest with Ryan Moore WITB which after this past week is now incorrect with Moore signing with Scratch Golf. An interesting union to say the least Scratch Golf, the Golf Club company that prided itself with not paying players to play their clubs with Ryan Moore who had no sponsorship deals up until this Scratch deal which sees him play Scratch's SB-1 iron and 1018 series wedges. The results are good 3rd last week at the HSBC Champions Tournament as well as a T7 and T8 at Moore previous tournaments. There definitely must be something to these golf clubs manufactured in Oregon. They definitely take customization to a new level, I love the fact each of Scratch's 1018 wedge wedge is ground by hand to one of 6 specific grinds designed to fit one of our 3 swing types.

Check out the video below after last weekend I had some dark circles around my eyes recording video footage from tournaments overseas (HSBC Champions). Sure puts my sleep out of whack although I did get some great video of Ryan Moore's new Scratch clubs in action.

Ryan Moore Final Day HSBC Champions

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