Jan 31, 2010

Happy Birthday Gus!

Today is my sons birthday. He's two and for those that have a two year old you know when I say, life with a two year old can be very crazy. One minute he does something real cute and you want to eat him up the next well lets just say you have feelings of throwing him out the door. Of course I never would do something crazy like that because that's whats parenting is all about the highs and the lows. Good thing I have some prior experience with my two daughters before Gus came along.

My son really loves tractors pretty much any kind of tractor heck anything with wheels he loves pretty much. You'd think me loving golf and all I'd be getting him kids clubs of all sorts. Well he does have some plastic ones which he loves but he is only 2 right. No I'm one of those weird fathers when out shopping the other day I don't pick him up the proverbial toy I pick him up some cool clothes. A shirt with a digger on the front and some pants with a truck on them.

When your the Dad of a two year old you really only have to worry about there well being and love them to death. No worries about what there car insurance will be in 14 years or girls calling at all hours of the night or any of those things that are distracting in the teen age years. That's why I just enjoy the present. I can't wait to get home and see my little guy and give him a big hug. :)

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