Jan 30, 2010

Is Daly Calling It Quits?

Is John Daly going to call it quits? After a second round 71 and failing to make the cut at the Farmers Insurance Open. Daly has an impromptu interview with the Golf Channel. "I'm done, I can't compete. I can't play like I use too. I can't keep taking spots from guys out here playing this bad. It's not worth it. "I'm tired of embarrassing myself in front of (my fans). I can't do it anymore."

From his tweets on Twitter @PGA_JohnDaly maybe Daly just needs a break it look like his financial situation is really putting his game off with his mind focusing on those troubles.

From Twitter:

...never said retirement in anything or twitter-i want to correct that! simply sayin I need my time & working through these bad times thank you.

...to be on the tour. My game has never been the same since my rib injury during the Honda Classic in 2007. God Bless! JD

I don't like to continue to embarass myself-- maybe my mind may change down the road but right now i don't have the money

....the few sponsors that I have are great but it's not getting me thru these times--i want to thank my fans throughout all these years &

To ALL my Fans---my financial situation is putting me where I cannot focus on my game, I'm putting too much pressure on myself,

Daly just needs some time no worries he'll be back he won't be doing commercials for side effects of hydroxycut yet.

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Dexter(QuoteGuy) said...

I want to see Daly succeed. There's something about routing for the underdog. I hope he can get through it.