Mar 7, 2010

Golf Hats O' Plenty For 2010 Season

This time of the year is always great with golf companies releasing their new apparel, latest clubs and accessories. For me the hat, le chapeau or lid is one piece of attire most golfers overlook. Some companies are really making in roads as far as style, fashion and color go . For some hats have taken on a new look just look at Camilo Villegas who at various times sports a military style hat, otherwise know as a painter hat or Castro hat as mentioned in an article by Woody Hochswender in the December issue of Golf Magazine. Woody felt the miltary style hat with its smaller brim and a fuller, less fitted crown was more forgiving on larger heads. I beg to differ in my experience so far with this style of hat

. Last year I got a nice Puma Clairmont Military Cap to review. I had to give it to my wife to wear because it just didn't fit my large melon. On her it looked awesome very stylish and fit her great. She was the definite envy of the other "Moms" but it didn't work for me.

So this year I haven't given up on the military style hat I'm just broadening my outlook for the ultimate golf hat.
Here are some styles that defintely stood out for me. So what do you wear?

 Sligo Wear has some nice releases with one of my favorites the Driver Cap.

Puma Golf again has a strong Spring collection with great stlyes and colors.

Scratch Golf the make of Custom wedges has some stylin' hats to offer this season as well with a pinstrip model as well as a military style hat that Scratch sponsored golfer Ryan Moore wears.


I'll also be on the lookout for Golf Cult's offerings this year as well as Quagmire Golf

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