Mar 9, 2010

Pick Villegas At Doral? Yeah or Neah! And Was It The Red Bull?

I think I was the only one on the planet last week who didn't pick Camilo Villegas in their Fantasy Golf Leagues and of course he went out and won by 5 strokes. I figured he'd be tired from traveling down to his native Columbia to open up a Nationwide Tour event there as well as playing the previous 3 weeks. I thought mental fatigue would be his downfall. Boy was I wrong. He was strong through all 4 rounds for his 3 PGA Tour win. Now the big question is do I pick him this week, can he win back to back. Probably with his Red Bull he can!

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Steffanie M. Brown said...

Well, that makes two of us; I didn't pick Villegas last week, either. Definitely picking him this week, with all that momentum and with a 5th-place at Doral last year.