Apr 25, 2010

Golfing Caddy Review

If you saw my initial thoughts on the Golfing Caddy you know how much I was wanting this product to be good with me losing on average 2-3 water bottles (not the cheap ones) on the golf course a year. Well after a thorough testing on the golf course and driving range. I have nothing but positive things to say about the Golfing Caddy

I tend to walk the course 95% of the time and you need to rehydrate so I always have a least 2 or 3 water bottles in my bag per round. Having one on an outside pocket on my golf bag would almost every round lead to it falling out or losing it completely.  Along comes the Golfing Caddy and my prayers have been answered. It's just a great beverage holder for the golf course.

Recently I got two new stainless steel water bottles from Costco for my birthday and they're great. They hold lots of water and the best thing is they fit perfectly in the Golfing Caddy. The even better thing is I haven't lost them because of the Golfing Caddy doing it's job, being a great water bottle holder. I just clip it on my Ogio bag and now have the piece of mind that my water isn't going anywhere. The clip that secures the Caddy to the bag is great quality and I've had no problems with it unclipping or breaking. Perfect for my Ogio stand bag but would work just as well for a cart bag.

Another great thing about the Golfing Caddy is that it is more than a beverage holder it's also a multi-compartment tote. Instead of clipping my car keys on my stand bag I now clip them on the Golfing Caddy. A nice sturdy metal clip that I trust to hold my keys.

Another nice touch on the Golfing Caddy is the Microfiber towel (12” x 12”) that's attached to the Caddy. It's my new best friend. I'm a bit of a stickler for a clean club and golf ball and the towel  is great for wiping off dirt. Please note it's light weight so it's not increasing the weight of your bag if you carry.

The price point on the Golfing Caddy is $19.99 USD plus shipping and handling and is very reasonable considering the various uses of the Caddy as well you'll never have to buy another stainless steel water bottle. So your saving money on that as well. 

Final Thoughts
If you carry your bag and lose your water bottle often, get a Golfing Caddy. It works great you won't regret the purchase. It also keeps all your other stuff (car keys, tees, divot tool, cell phone) within easy reach as well an added bonus when out on the golf course. Now get out there and play!

More information on the Golfing Caddy can be found at www.thegolfingcaddy.com


Golf Swing Gurur said...

Those are all great products, thanks for the insight.

mobilechmaps said...

Very informative article. I would like to thanks bcz, i face problem while playing golf and caring bottle with me. Once again thanks.