May 18, 2010

Awaiting My Miura Wedge - K-Grind Now Offered By Miura

I'm anxiously awaiting a new Miura wedge. Right now I only have one wedge in my bag ( 56 degree) plus a pitching wedge. I have never had the pleasure of gaming a Miura wedge but have only heard good thing about the company. Handcrafted irons by Katsuhiro Miura, who is often referred to in the Japanese media as having the Hands of God you have to figure these guys make some pretty sweet golf clubs.

Now I get a press release of Miura releasing a K- Grind Wedge to the masses. Another sweet looking wedge with a crazy fluted grind. Here's the scoop.

Miura Golf Announces Its New K Grind Wedges

VANCOUVER, British Columbia-Japanese golf-club manufacturer Miura Golf-which has been making the world's highest-quality forged irons for 44 years-announces the K Grind wedge.

"We are very excited about the release of the K Grind wedge", says Bill Holowaty, the VP of North American Operations for Miura Golf. "The unique sole design (each wedge grinded by hand) delivers uncompromised performance to your short game."

The international golfing press has always used the words "from the hands of god" to describe Katsuhiro Miura's forged irons. Could it be that the inspiration for his newest wedge came from his own hands? The sole of the new K Grind wedge is "fluted" which bears a striking resemblance to finger-tip impressions, or even human knuckles. These three channels reduce the resistance against the wedge in sand, thick rough, and even the fairway. The sole of the wedge moves with the grass instead of against it. The channels move around the sand instead of colliding with it. It allows the wedge to accelerate thru the ball with less effort in every condition to improve the odds of hitting a good shot.

Characteristics of the K Grind Wedge: Miura Golf Announces Its New K Grind Wedges

* Better results out of wet sand.
* Reduces the odds of "catching it heavy" on long bunker shots.
* Better acceleration on ½ and ¼ swings around the green.
* Digs it out of deep rough.
* Works great in normal conditions.

In addition to the K Grind wedges, Miura Golf's product line also includes the CB-501 Cavity Back Model, Tournament Blade; MC-102 (Mid-Size Cavity Model); CB-202 (Cavity Back Model): CB-301 (Cavity Back Model); Wedges (Wedge Series and Black Wedge Series, each available in six lofts); Series 1957 Small Blade Irons; Y and C Grind Wedges; Blade and Classic putters (two models); Precious Edition Driver, Fairway Wood and Utility Wood.

Miura Golf's corporate office is located in Vancouver, British Columbia and Miura Golf clubs are sold at the finest custom-fitting shops in North America. The Miura brand is marketed exclusively by Miura Golf Inc., in the United States and North America. More information on Miura products can be found at

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