May 19, 2010

LPGA More "Social Media Friendly" Not So Much For This Blogger

LPGA Rejects Blogger For Media Credentials
I was encouraged to hear this week that the LPGA would be making its way back to the Montreal area with the CN Canadian Women’s Open being held at the Hillsdale Golf & Country Club just North of Montreal.

Pretty happy to be able to see the best players on the LPGA Tour very close to home and a chance to hang out with friends in Montreal as well. I've never been to a LPGA Tour event and unfortunately missed them when the tour was here in 2008 for the CN Canadian Women's Open.

Although I've attended/volunteered at the Men's Canadian Open the last two years and will attend again this year the LPGA has been elusive. I will put it on my calendar for 2011.

Today on Twitter the following tweet got my interest from @thegolfblog

I though the LPGA was trying to embrace different forms of media including bloggers. How could a blogger from the area get rejected for press credentials with no explanation. Just because he wants to cover the Sybase Match Play Championship event going on in his hometown. Boggles my mind why Sean from The Deep Rough would get rejected. Maybe the LPGA needs to get their head out of their ass. This is the second time for this blogger being rejected. Come on coverage from a guy like this is what the  LPGA needs the way of social media is upon us if you don't embrace it you'll be missing out on engaging both new and old fans of the sport. Rejecting @thedeeprough is just plain stupid.

I wonder what will happen when I apply for my my media credentials next year for the 2011 CN Canadian Women's Open outside of Montreal. I will keep you updated.

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