May 22, 2010

Kikkor Golf Shoe Review

Eppik Blaze Golf Shoe Review

When I spoke to James Lepp just a few months ago he was pumped that his line of alternative golf footwear was finally being launched. With the world of professional golf becoming less of a focus for him he decided to apply his business savvy and knowledge and create some golf shoes that would appeal to those looking for something different. James felt the only options that you had for golf shoes are ones your Dad would wear, he wanted to design something different. Almost two years later a little blood, sweet and various prototypes. His line of alternative golf footwear was released in April of 2010. James sent me over a pair of Eppik Blaze shoes to try out. So here's my review.

Kikkor Eppik Blaze Main Features
- Sure Foot Stability System
- Premium action leather
- KIKKOR Komfort Foam Technology
- 1 Year Limited Waterproof Warranty
- CHAMP Q-LOK Scorpion spikes

Concept & Comfort & Performance
These may look like just skate shoes but they are more than a skate shoe with spikes. The first thing you'll notice when you put your feet in some Kikkors is the amount of foam use in the shoes. This is all used to enhance the comfort of your feet while playing golf. The KIKKOR Komfort Foam Technology is centered around the tongue of the shoe and the opening of the shoe. When you slid your foot in it's like your feet are enveloped by clouds they're that comfy.

The Champ Q-Lok Scorpion spikes provided on all Kikkor shoes does the job well. I have no problem gripping the ground during my swing or walking the course. Make sure you clean off your spikes after each round as these spikes really hold on to grass so make sure you clean them off well especially in wetter conditions.

Over the last few weeks these Kikks are well travelled hitting golf courses from in and around the Sudbury area as well as from around the Ottawa Valley. From both wet and dry conditions to sometimes a little in between.

Look - The Eppik Blaze has a great color combo of grey, black and a hint of yellow for a flashier look. Might not be for everyone but I really like the combo. They go really well with darker colors. The leather used in the shoes seems to be top quality *FYI* For those wanting less flash the Eppik comes in black and white. Never had any problems with my feet getting wet *FYI* 1 Year Limited Waterproof Warranty on the Eppik Blaze.

Feel - James was nice enough to inform me that Kikkors fit about a half size tighter than other golf shoes. He asked me what type of shoe I normally wear and deduced a size 12 would be the way to go. If your wondering about what size to wear check out Kikkor handy sizing chart. My Eppik Blaze fit great out of the box with no break in period.  These bad boys even though they're size 12 are very light pretty sure it has alot to do with the KIKKOR Komfort Foam Technology.

There are so many different kinds of shoes out there and if you're someone who likes something different on your feet when you golf then a pair of Kikkors might be a good choice for you. Great stability when golfing, extra comfortable foam that cushion your foot plus some great colors for anyone's style. You really don't have to wear your Dad's style of shoes with Kikkors on the market. Kikkors range from about $79 to $89 USD which is very reasonable for a golf shoe of this quality. Any of the Kikkor golf shoes can be bought at plus a few online retailers like the 13th Green and Tattoo Golf. Make sure you keep current with all things Kikkor at their Twitter feed as well as their Facebook page and YouTube Channel.


Steve said...

When I first saw a pair of Kikkor shoes, I legitimately thought that they were skate shoes. Having found out that they're actually golf shoes, I became even more interested because I love both golf and skateboarding. I'll definitely have to pick up a pair when I need new golf shoes.

- The Golf Professors: Professional Online Golf Instruction

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Anonymous said...

So i go to the kikkor site...pumped to order a pair...proud to support a fellow cdn with his great idea... my shock it says americans get free shipping including if any issue in sizing...back and forth free shipping.
but me as a canadian it is $40 bucks US just for shipping alone????

cdn invents a shoe...then treats me a cdn as waaaaay less than an american.

won't be wearing these shoes after that lousy browsing experience shopping.

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vans shoes said...

yeah its great to see that vans shoes can be used in every type og game...i love my vans shoes.

Anonymous said...

While I liked the overall concept....the simple fact is at that price you can't offer the stability and technology of the more established shoe lines. No contest when I put on a pair of Footjoys on vs Kikkors. So many other brands offer the younger look now too but WITH the technology.

Ottawa Golf Blog said...

Hey Anonymous,
Regarding Canadian shipping:
Canadian Shipping - Why the charge?

Yes, we are a Canadian company, but unfortunately that doesn't exempt us from higher costs in Canada, such as duty and shipping costs. This is why we have to charge a shipping price for Canadian orders. It's lame, it seems unfair, and franky it sucks.

If you research golf shoe prices from other brands, you will find the same thing, perhaps even moreso. For example, the ECCO Street Premiers are $180 in Canada and $140 in the US. The higher costs are reflected in the price. Because of how our system works, we have to adjust it via shipping price. It actually saves the customer some money on taxes.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to email us at

ping said...

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Stephen said...

Took a look at the Kikkor site, beautiful styles. Love the Retro WP, and the high top Crowd Pleaser. First I've ever seen a high top golf shoe. These guys has real style. Price is cheap too for a designer golf shoe. Reminds me a little bit of some eye popping colors in the Michael Toschi golf shoescollection. (click to check'em).